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CHC Solutions, Inc. is an international Hospitality Group headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Our overall focus is on serving the needs of our clients from the Hotel, Casino, and Customer Care Industries. The co-founders of the firm developed a staff of their peers and industry professionals, who each possess personal experience and expertise in all areas of the hospitality industry. This allows CHC to develop and implement programs to improve and monitor all operations within any lodging facility, as well as any food and beverage venue.

Our managers and associates strive for continual excellence by pursuing educational opportunities as they relate to the consistently changing hospitality industry. We empower our team to be part of the creative process that fuels our company’s continual growth, keeping us on the cutting edge.

Our Company is only as successful as the people we work with. We recruit, train, and employ only the best and brightest industry trained professionals, ensuring our clients the best possible service.

CHC has grown  into a leading hospitality consulting firm due to our philosophies and business ethics. Our client base includes world class players in the lodging and casino industry, as well as many independent hotels and resorts throughout the world. Our clients begin with a mystery shop program that evaluates all operations of a property. This program portrays the guest’s perspective of the service and product experience during the visit.

CHC developed the criteria used in their evaluations in conjunction with the AAA Diamond ratings as well as the Forbes program which all relates to hotel standards and are the guidelines practiced in the industry. Our unique way of scoring enables properties the ability to benchmark all areas of operations within the facility, and then report on deficiencies. Our company continues to stay on the competitive edge by developing new programs based on our client's needs. Our newest and most exciting program is the Employee Enhancement Program (EEP).

Client Testimony: 

"Our property was extremely impressed with the level of service that your company provided and your professionalism." Golf Resort Client 

"Our corporate program for casino evaluations has had a significant improvement on overall customer service since we began two years ago. Your management team has worked tirelessly and we appreciate the dedication." Entertainment Corporate Client

"Our group of 17 hotel properties has really utilized your services and feedback. Your team is awesome!" Four Diamond Corporate Hotel Client Worldwide  

"Hallie, you did a great job on the recent integrity shop completed at our property. Your shop actually helped culminate an investigation on one of our employees, which resulted in termination and the employee's arrest for embezzlement. These shops are quite valuable for us, and I appreciate your thoroughness and professionalism." Casino Resort Client